Why Builders Prefer Our Software


We talked to our clients to find out what made them switch to our software. Here´s what it boiled down to:




Your Subcontractor Data

SmartBid: Guaranteed private, secure and never shared. Easily accessible only to those you approve.

Other Bid Management Software: Compile sub profiles into “network” databases that share data with other users, and your competition.


Subcontractor Access

SmartBid: We never charge your subs for access to information you choose to send. Happy subs, means more bids.

Other Bid Management Software: Require subs to sign up and pay in order to access project information, then claim ownership of your private sub information.



Access to More Subs

SmartBid: We integrate with the fastest growing online construction network, SmartInsight, to give users access to verified subs in areas, trades and certifications they need.

Other Bid Management Software: Have incorrect, outdated or limited data on available subs, and pull private sub information from other users instead of a third party source where subcontractors opt-in.


Your Bid Project Data

SmartBid: Details of your upcoming and past projects always kept private unless you publish them.

Other Bid Management Software: Projects incorporated into lead networks and job solicitation and information is made available to other GC network members.


Mobile Capabilities

SmartBid: iOS, Windows and Android apps for any device as well as full mobile browser compatibility.

Other Bid Management Software:Lack mobile apps or an interface compatible with all browsers and devices.


Data Integration

SmartBid: Sleek, open application integration (api.smartbidnet.com) allows for data exchange between the software you depend on most.

Other Bid Management Software: Offer little or no open integration options, or may require tedious, manual information imports and exports.



Takeoff Integration

SmartBid: Real-time, web-based ability for users and their subs to open, perform takeoffs and estimating on planroom documents with STACK integration.

Other Bid Management Software: Offer no take-off option or an antiquated client-side integration requiring heavy file uploads and downloads.

Website Integration

SmartBid: Post prequal forms, subcontractor registration and public projects you choose to your public website.

Other Bid Management Software: Offer no ready-made web integration solutions, and instead require manual export and import process.



Industry Leading Integrations

SmartBid: SmartBid integrates with the industry’s best technology solutions providers for construction, to bring additional functionality to users from the Virtual Planroom Network, STACK, SmartCompliance, SmartInsight, Citrix ShareFile and a large variety of cloud storage systems.

Other Bid Management Software: Required redundant data entry by not integrating with other software builders depend on throughout the day.


Included Add-Ons

SmartBid: Prequal Pro and BidTabs modules available, at no extra cost, for building custom prequal forms, scope sheets and comparing subcontractor bids side by side.

Other Bid Management Software: Custom forms, customizable scope sheets and other advanced features non-existent or costly to add-on.



Approach To Software Updates

SmartBid: User responsive, monthly updates of features and functionality requiring no installation.

Other Bid Management Software: Offer few or infrequent updates to software capabilities with little consideration for user suggestions, requests and feedback.

User Support & Training

SmartBid: Live call support and training available for all users and their subcontractors and a routinely updated support portal filled with training media and resources.

Other Bid Management Software: No live support staff, minimal support for subcontractor users, or costly training sessions and resources.




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As a founding member of the Construction Open Standards Alliance, JBKnowledge (makers of SmartBidNet) works with 20+ other construction software providers on developing data exchange standards for the integration of independent software solutions.

By using a software built on COSA standards, you're able to:
- Incorportate all your favorite software into one high-performing, multi-function construction software
- Eliminate errors and omissions associated with faulty integrations.
- Eliminate manual and spreadsheet data transfers between software.


All SmartBidNet users can utilize the integrated ConsensusDocs 721 form for subcontractor prequalification. Users can further customize those forms with the Prequal Pro add-on module.

SmartBidNet users are able to use ConsensusDocs to:
- Request standard subcontractor prequalification information at the click of a button.
- Keep subcontractors' qualifications up-to-date with easy-to-manage ConsensusDocs forms.
- Keep sensitive information private with ConsensusDocs 721 digital forms.


The Virtual Planroom Network (VPRN) partnership allows users of SmartBidNet to view, select and bid on thousands of public project opportunities from VPRN – impacting market coverage and ultimately revenue.

The VPRN is a collaboration of builders' exchanges that have been delivering construction data, news and information of opportunities at various stages of the construction process for over a century.

With this partnership, SmartBidNet users can benefit by:
- Publishing public bid projects from SmartBidnet to the VPRN Online Planroom.
- Pulling projects and documents from the VPRN Online Planroom into SmartBidNet for private prequalification and bid management.
- Accessing industry news easily within VPRN that our commercial building clients depend on daily.


Dun & Bradstreet is collaborating with SmartBidNet to improve the quality of data integrated from the SmartInsight contractor network. D&B solutions assist in data cleansing and verification by running SmartInsight subcontractor data through the world’s leading source of commercial data, analytics and insight on businesses. D&B’s global commercial database contains more than 240 million accurate business records.

Through our integration with Dun & Bradstreet, SmartBidNet users are able to take advantage of verified commercial company data integrated from SmartInsight by referencing a D-U-N-S number for each subcontractor. This integration also gives general contractors confidence in the validity of subcontractor data listed within the SmartInsight network.


ShareFile, our recommended cloud storage service, integrates into SmartBidNet for a seamless connection between both systems - allowing users to keep their project documents up to date within both platforms.

By integrating a ShareFile account into SmartBidNet, general contractors are able to:
- Upload bid project files and documents from ShareFile directly into SmartBidNet and vice versa
- Quickly add and remove project documents with real-time synchronization
- Always keep your plans within reach for any shared subcontractor in SmartBidNet or ShareFile


Our partnership with Plans4Less allows SmartBidNet users to get the most affordable pricing for same day printing and shipping for plans from the SmartBidNet online plan room.

With the option of using the integrated Plans4Less feature, SmartBidNet users are able to:
- Give subcontractors access to the reprographic services offered by Plans4Less as they view plans in the SmartBidNet Online Planroom.
- Take advantage of fixed pricing with no minimum orders required.
- Print & ship daily direct to your office or construction job site nationally via UPS.


With the STACK Estimating (formerly Cloud Takeoff) integration into SmartBidNet, all SmartBidNet users can easily open plan files and quickly perform basic quantity takeoffs from your SmartBidNet plan room.

By becoming a STACK Estimating customer, SmartBidNet users can:
- Experience real-time, collaborative estimating takeoff with your project team and subcontractors.
- Use detailed reporting to calculate the cost and quantity of materials to pull back into SmartBidNet.
- Take advantage of STACK’s pre-built catalogs to help you quickly calculate costs for specific trades based on your own rates and historical experience.


SmartInsight is an online construction network that helps general contractors find, verify and connect with subcontractors and suppliers. The full SmartInsight database of contractors is integrated with SmartBidNet for general contractors to tap into when sending project communications.

By using the SmartInsight construction network, general contractors in SmartBidNet can:
- Access a quality, up-to-date database of subcontractors for additional bid coverage.
- Locate qualified subcontractors that match your project requirements.
- Access a platform focused on streamlined prequalification with subcontractor scoring available from industry leading risk analysts.

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Cloud Storage Integrations

In addition to our preferred cloud integration with ShareFile, our users’ SmartBidNet online plan room can also integrate with these cloud storage solutions:






Google Drive








for Business







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