Subcontractors can access our system free at no additional cost when invited to prequalify or bid by our users. Thousands of subs are invited to access project details and documents in our system every week, and you can be one of them.

 CLICK HERE to claim your Free Profile in our Registry of Subs.



I would like to receive construction bid invitations and prequalification requests from your general contractor users in my area.

If you would like to receive invitations to bid and prequalify from our thousands of general contractor users across the US, Canada, Caribbean and Middle East, you can claim your free profile in our SmartBidNet Public Registry of Subcontractors. You can update your information as often as necessary to insure that relevant general contractors can find you for projects. It is completely free for subcontractors to join our Public Registry and access our system when invited to bid or prequalify.

I would like help with an invitation to bid that I received from your system.

If you have questions related to a specific project or spec that you were invited to bid on, please contact the general contract who invited you directly. We provide the online plan room, but they manage the project.

If you received an invitation to bid from SmartBidNet and you have technical questions about accessing a project you were invited to bid on or using the SmartBidNet subcontractor portal, contact our User Support Team at (888) 808-8319 or for help.


I would like to stop receiving requests and notifications from general contractors using SmartBidNet.

Please contact our User Support Team at (888) 808-8319 or


I would like to tell you about my positive/negative experience using SmartBidNet as a subcontractor.

Please contact our User Support Team at (888) 808-8319 or